EOL End of life: Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) and MindManager Software Assurance (MSA) - Automatic transition to MindManager Professional for eCOM customers

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The products:  Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) and MindManager Software Assurance (MSA) for single user will be retired on June 13, 2022

All Cleverbridge customers with such a contract will automatically be transitioned from UPP or MSA to the MindManager Professional Annual Subscription on June 13, 2022, at no extra charge.
The first renewal for the MindManager Professional Annual Subscription will be price protected. All customers will pay the same price that they paid last as for the former Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) or  MindManager Software Assurance (MSA) renewal / purchase (plus applicable taxes).

Cleverbridge customers with a valid UPP-contract or MindManager Software Assurance (MSA)-contract received the following notification-email on May 17, 2022:

With the transition to MindManager Professional subscription, the customer will receive a new license key for MindManager Professional that will allow to use our full range of products:


The customer's existing perpetual MindManager license key will remain valid.
The contract term will also remain in place.


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Feedback from Lora Jaggassar concerning the future renewals-price:

"We are price protecting customers for at least 1 year. After that, they may be subject to overall price increases. We haven't done any price increases yet for MM. But there's a task force, led by Finance, that will propose price increases. CorelDRAW has gone through an increase, which will impact subscription renewals

They will continue to pay their last UPP renewal price until that happens"




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