What is a MindManager Account?

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Why do I have to create an account for MindManager?

Since the release of MindManager Windows 21 and MindManager MAC 13.2 in September 2020, you need a MindManager account to start your MindManager trial or register and activate your MindManager license.


The MindManager account is your unique identifier for MindManager. Once you have created an account or signed in, you can get to know our 30-day trial, add your perpetual and/or subscription license keys for activation, which you can access anywhere with your MindManager account.

If you ever used MindManager Snap, MindManager Go, Publishing or Co-editing before, you can login in MindManager with this account.
If not, please create a new account by clicking on "Create account" during the first start of MindManager. Alternatively, visit this page to create account online.

MindManager may logout in a 30 days period. In this case, just login with your email and password. After the initial product activation, you don´t need to enter your license key again.


For more information on the MindManager account, please visit this page.

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