What is a MindManager Account?

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Why do I have to create an account for MindManager?

Since the release of MindManager Windows 21 and MindManager MAC 13.2 in September 2020, you need a MindManager account to start your MindManager trial or register and activate your MindManager license.


The MindManager account is your unique identifier for MindManager. Your MindManager Account unlocks the full potential of MindManager. Creating an account only takes a minute, and it's free!
Once you have created an account or signed in, you can get to know our 30-day trial, add your perpetual and/or subscription license keys for activation, which you can access anywhere with your MindManager account.

You can create a new account by clicking on "Create account" during the first start of MindManager. Alternatively, visit this page to create account online.

Why do I need a MindManager Account?
The MindManager Account is your unique identification for MindManager.

What can I use my MindManager Account for?
Your MindManager Account gives you access to your MindManager perpetual license, subscription, and support services. It's also your unique identity when using special features like MindManager Snap, Publishing, Co-Editing, or the MindManager app for Microsoft Teams if these features are included in your MindManager license contract.

Can I use my existing Mindjet credentials?
In most cases no. If you have a Mindjet Connect, Mindjet Files, Mindjet ID, or Maps for That account your previous credentials will not work, and you need to create a new MindManager Account.
If you previously created a MindManager account to use MindManager Snap, Publishing, or Co-Editing, then yes, you can use that account to sign-in.

I didn't receive my email verification email
In some cases spam filters can block our emails, try whitelisting noreply@mindmanager.com in your email sender list. You can also try pressing the "Resend Email" button, be sure to give it a few minutes, sometimes emails can be slow to get to you. If you still haven't received the verification email after trying the previous methods please contact via the following page.
(choose: "I have questions related to my license, account, or the product")

MindManager may log out in a 30 days period. In this case, just login with your email and password. After the initial product activation, you don’t need to enter your license key again.


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