How to convert old *.mmp files to *.mmap files?

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Error message, trying to open *.mmp file with MindManager newer than version 14 for Windows or in supported MindManager for Mac versions.

Error message in MindManager for Windows:

In MindManager for Mac:
There is no error message.
You simply cannot open the *.mmp file with a double click and the *.mmp file also cannot be selected to open in MindManager for Mac.


*.mmp file not compatible with newer versions, only until MindManager version 14 for Windows.


Maps that were created with an older MindManager for Windows version were saved in a format that cannot be opened directly with supported MindManager versions for Windows and Mac.
These maps will have to be converted to *.mmap-format using an older trial version of MindManager 14 for Windows. It is not possible to convert the *.mmp files with MindManager for Mac.

Downloadlink MindManager 14 for Windows

Open the old *.mmp maps you want to convert in MindManager 14 for Windows and save them as a copy (automatically as an mmap-file).
The maps will automatically be converted in the *.mmap format and you can then open them in the supported MindManager version for Windows and Mac.

It is also possible to convert all maps at once:

For this, first, copy and save all your old *.mmp files in one (1) folder.
In MindManager 14 create a new Map.

Then convert all you maps.

You will now be able to open your old maps in supported MindManager versions for Windows and Mac.

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