What does the message "You have XX days remaining to continue working offline" mean?

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With the product release of MindManager Windows 21 and MindManager Mac 13.2, we also introduced a new license activation server.

Each time you launch MindManager, it will connect to our license server to check your license.
If no connection to the license server can be established, you can still continue to work with MindManager "offline" for a maximum of 30 days.
During this time, the following message appears in the bottom left-hand corner of MindManager: "You still have XX days to continue working offline".

After 30 days at the latest, a connection to our license server must be established to check the validity of your license, otherwise you will no longer be able to continue working with MindManager and will be logged out of MindManager. Then you have to log in again with your email and the corresponding password.


Reasons why MindManager does not connect to our license server:




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