For MindManager Enterprise customers: How to get access to the License Administration Portal?

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How to activate the License Administration Portal for Mindmanager Enterprise customers?


The license manager of a company can find a special link to activate the License Administration Portal in the license certificate of the company.
Do not click directly on the link in the license certificate. Better to copy-paste the link into your browser.

Where can I find the registration link in the license certificate to activate the License Administration Portal? The picture below shows an example of the link:

The future administrator of the License Administration Portal has to create a new account by entering the email and creating a password.
Once an account is created, a confirmation email from will be sent to the corresponding email address. To complete the account creation process, one need to click on the link from the email.

Once logged in successfully, you are the administrator of your License Administration Portal, and you can always log in via the following link:

Please note:
The activation link on your license certificate can be used only once for the first-time activation. The person who activated the License Administration Portal is now registered as an administrator and can invite other administrators.

MindManager Support can check if your License Administration Portal has already been activated and who the administrator is.
If you do not remember if your License Administration Portal has already been activated or who the administrator is, please send a request to MindManager Customer Service and attach your license certificate.



For more detailed info we recommend watching the short video "License Administration Overview Video".

More information about the MindManager account and the necessity of its creation, visit the article What is a MindManager account?

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