What´s the Upgrade Protection Plan?

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What´s the Upgrade Protection Plan?

The Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) is an annual subscription that protects your investment in MindManager by ensuring access to new feature releases and to telephone support.
The Upgrade Protection Plan (UPP) for MindManager for Windows or MindManager for Mac is only available in combination with the purchase of a new or upgrade license.
Publishing & sharing is included with UPP.

Benefits include:

Guaranteed Access to New Features:

Service and Support:

Cost Savings:

Please note that Upgrade Protection Plan subscriptions purchased using a credit card will be automatically renewed at the annual subscription price.
If you cancel the contract, you keep the last delivered MindManager version, but you do not receive any further free MindManager upgrades.

To find the Upgrade Protection Plan terms and conditions, visit this page.




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