How to completely uninstall MindManager for Windows

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How to completely uninstall MindManager for Windows?


In order to completely uninstall MindManager for Windows please follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall MindManager in Windows control panel: Start > System > Apps & features > Add or Remove Programs. Select Mindmanager and click Remove
  2. Download and execute the attached registry Zip-Archiv 
  3. Select the version to remove or to remove all versions by running the matching Reg Script.
  4. If the installed directory C:\Program Files\MindManager XX or C:\Program Files (x86)\MindManager XX (default setup path) still exists, delete it manually. The path can vary if you have installed MindManager per custom setup.
  5. Delete the user data:%LOCALAPPDATA%\Mindjet\Mindmanager\XX - Delete the entire folder.
  6. Now install MindManager again using the appropriate setup file. You can download the latest files from our website
  7. Start MindManager and wait until the library is initialized. Before changing any setting in MindManager please make sure that your previous problem is solved.

(XX is the version number of MindManager Windows)

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