Is there a mobile MindManager app for iPad, iPhone and Android?

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MindManager Go

We provide all MindManager customers with a free mobile app for iPad, iPhone and Android.
The name of the MindManager mobile app is MindManager Go.

To download MindManager Go for iOS directly from the Apple App Store, visit this page.
To download MindManager Go for Android directly from Google Play, visit this page.


MindManager Go lets you view and navigate your MindManager files created with the MindManager desktop version, on your mobile device. See map details with crystal clarity, focus on important information with ease thanks to powerful filtering and search capabilities, and send images and text notes to your MindManager desktop with the MindManager Snap capture tool. Supports classic and recent MindManager features including task information, properties, formulas, SmartRules, objects, flowcharts and more.
The user interface supports English, French, German, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Japanese,
Dutch and Spanish. The language will be selected based on the device’s language settings.
Map content will appear in the language used to create it.
Please note that MindManager Go does not currently have editing functionality and only allows you to view Mind Maps created with MindManager Windows 2020 or greater.

To log in to MindManager Go, please use the same email and password you used to log in to your MindManager desktop version.

File Access

MindManager Snap

Navigating & Transforming Content

Supported mobile Platforms

iOS versions 11, 12, 13
Android versions 8, 9, 10

To find the MindManager Go Mobile Application Release Notes visit this page.

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