Where can I find my MindManager license key?

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Where can I find my MindManager license key?

If MindManager is still installed

In MindManager 9 for Windows until MindManager Windows 2020
Open MindManager and click on File --> Help

In MindManager PRO 7 for Windows until MindManager PRO 8 for Windows :
Open MindManager and click on Tools --> About MindManager

Note: MindManager PRO 8 for Windows and MindManager PRO 7.2 for Windows can not be activated anymore.
To find a solution, please contact the MindManager Customer Support and send the following information:

As soon as we will have received your information we will get back to you.


In MindManager PRO 6 for Windows or older versions
Open MindManager and click on Help --> About MindManager


In MindManager Mac 12 and older Mac versions
Click on in the menu on Mindjet MindManager --> About MindManager


If MindManager is no longer installed

Depending on where you purchased your MindManager license, you can look for the following in your email inbox to find your order confirmation or license certificate:

If you still can not find your license key

Licensed MindManager users who have lost their licence key and who purchased the software directly from the online shop are asked to send us the following information to the MindManager Customer Service:
If you purchased MindManager from one of our resellers, MindManager will not have any record of this purchase. Please contact your reseller.

Information concerning company licenses

MindManager/Corel is not allowed to provide license keys to individual users who are part of a multi-user Company license agreement. Please contact your IT department to obtain your license key.

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